New updated on the website

It has been a while since I posted anything in here but I took the time and I updated both album pages. Have a look and stay tuned for more updates to come!

New updated on the website2022-05-03T12:17:06+00:00

Herc on Spotify!

Hi everyone, I recently sumbited my album for a worldwide online distribution. Because of that, my album has been featured in several online platforms, such as Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Amazon MP3, iTunes and many many more. For now you can simply click on the button bellow and follow me on Spotify! Stay tuned for [...]

Herc on Spotify!2017-05-16T08:01:22+00:00

New Lyrical video of “The road goes ever on”

Here is the first lyrical video, "The road goes ever on and on" and is describing how everything started. Bilbo finding himself on an unexpected journey towards the Lonely Mountain. He will experience many adventures and he will will face many difficulties. He left his warm Hobbit hole and he is excited but scared at the same [...]

New Lyrical video of “The road goes ever on”2017-04-28T14:46:00+00:00
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